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This is a PRE-ORDER for the Warriors of Cute enamel pins; which was the Kickstarter that has recently been successfully funded. These pins are not put into production until early June, and have the shipping date of OCTOBER. If the pins are completed earlier than expected, they can be shipped before October. But for now please understand that shipping is sometime in October until further notice.


Pre-order is live until June 3rd.


Why Pre-order? 

Pre-ordering is a nice way of making sure you get the pins before it gets sold out! And each pins are priced with a small discount. Once the pre-order is over, the prices will be at its normal price.




These cuties were designed with inspiration from FFXIV online and combining it with what I draw most --- cute chibi animals! It was a lot of fun designing each job and coming up with ideas for their attire and weapon. Although none of them are an existing gear set from the game, I hope you will still enjoy these designs! 


There are four different groups in this series: Characters, a Mount, Minions and Mini pins. 


--- Character Pins ---

1.75in gold metal plating

double rubber backing

hard enamel with screen print


--- Mount Pin ---

2in silver metal plating

double rubber backing

hard enamel with screen print spot on the eye


--- Minion Pin ---

1.5in gold metal plating for two designs

1.5 silver metal plating for squirrel design

double rubber backing

hard enamel (screen print spot on yellow birdie's eye)


--- Mini Pin ---

1in gold metal plating

single rubber backing

hard enamel

PRE-ORDER: Warriors of Cute enamel pins (until June 3rd)


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