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Hi! My name is Kanae, and you may know me as Nyanzilla_Art on Instagram. I create art focused on animals and draw them in a fantasy theme inspired by video games and fairytales. Animals have always reminded me to enjoy all the little things life offers and never take anything for granted. Drawing them not only brings me joy but also reminds me of those values. I draw them inspired by fantasy/fairytale themes because that also played a role in my life growing up. When my personal struggles would weigh me down, I would turn to video games for comfort. The worlds and lore of the games I grew up with helped by letting me escape from my troubles and allowing me to find my own way of being a warrior to myself. It's through those stories that I came to learn about the hope and triumphs that would let me fight my own darkness in the real world. 


It brings me joy to be able to create art inspired by what gave me hope and courage, and sharing that with others. I hope that one day the art I create will also inspire someone too. Thank you so much for all your love and support on my art.


Here at Nyanzilla, you will mostly find enamel pins and stationeries designed with my artwork inspired by animals and fantasy RPGs. You can follow me on Instagram and also get to know what I am working on over at Thread!

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