Hello, my name is Kanae, but you may know me as Nyanzilla_Art on Instagram. I am a digital artist currently residing in Washington State with background in 3D Art & Game Design. My illustrations are usually focused on animals and drawing them in themes like storybook and video games, as well as drawing fanart from games I play or series I watch. I mainly draw animals because they have played a big role in my life to ease my anxiety and teaching me to appreciate all the little things in life. And also simply because they are so adorable!


I have always been afraid to share my art publicly because I believed it was never good enough. However, I realized that without showing my artworks online, I will never get any feedback and will never grow as an Artist. Doing something out of your comfort zone is always frightening, but now that I have been sharing my work on social media, it has allowed me to grow and learn new techniques, and even meet other wonderful Artists. When I chose to become an independent Artist, it was definitely very frightening because I didn't know if anyone would enjoy my artwork or buy the products I designed. But today, I am so happy that I took that leap because today, I have so much more confidence in my art and the support I receive has been very positive. I truly appreciate all the wonderful support everyone has shown me and it is through these support that has helped me push to be a better artist and keep doing what I love. I am looking forward to where this journey will take me, and even more excited to share that with everyone. Thank you so much!


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