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Common Questions and answers

Info on VAT at Nyanzilla:

Please understand that because I am not VAT registered, VAT will NOT be collected at checkout. You will need to pay VAT when you receive the item, including any additional fees. If you prefer to pay for VAT ahead of time, please go to my Etsy shop. 

USPS shipment suspension info:

April 1st 2022 update - USPS has suspended all shipment to New Zealand. There is only letter and first class shipment going to Australia.

Q: Are your stickers waterproof?

Depends! If the sticker states "vinyl" then yes they are waterproof. Each sticker listing will also state if they are waterproof or not :)

Q: What is a B-grade pin?

B-grade pins are enamel pins that have minor defects. The defects can be a small dent/scratch, dust stuck underneath the enamel, incorrect color of small area, scratch on the metal outline or enamel not fully filled. Although they have defects, they are not too noticeable.

Q: Can I share your art?

Yes! But please do not crop my signature and make sure to tag/mention me. By mentioning or tagging, you will help individual artists and small business like myself get found.

Q: An item I want is sold out. Will you get more?

As long as the items isn't part of the retiring collection, they will be restocked. 

Q: I purchased a product from you. When will it get to me?

All domestic orders are processed within 1-2 business days and shipped via USPS First Class which will take 3-5 business days. For international orders, shipment will vary due custom clearance but will take 7- 22 business days. 

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