If you hear the dark sky roaring and crackling, be wary. For it could be the sounds of the Warsteed's thunderous hooves, charging towards you!"


The price is for one mini pin.


--- Product Detail ---

☆ 2in
☆ Silver Metal
☆ Double Rubber backing
☆ Comes attached on a backing card

--- OTHER INFO ---


☆ B-Grade pins are pins that have small defects such as incorrect color, missing color, has small scratch or dent, or has small dust spec stuck underneath the inks. None of my B-Grade pins have missing enamel.

☆ The pins are not toys and are not recommended for children under the age of 3.

☆ Please understand that depending on your monitor screen calibrations, colors may slightly vary from photo.

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Warriors of Cute: Thunder Warsteed Mount

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