An adorable MADE TO ORDER skirt of my Cat Cafe series! 


This skirt was designed after my Cat Cafe themed enamel pins! The trim has Macci the Barista, Milky the Welcomer Cat, Latte the Waitress, Cookie the Kneader Cat, Roll the Baker, and Caramel the Parfait loving cat. On the background, you will see parade of delicious treats of donuts, macaron, and They're all here to help start your day~~~ 


---- Product Detail ----


☆ 90% polyester and 10% spandex

☆ very soft fabric

☆ stretch

☆ light weight

☆ Elastic waist band

☆ Hand wash in cold water



In the photo, the skirt has a petticoat underneath, which does not come with the order. What you will receive is a skirt that is a skater skirt style, meaning it has wide flare suitable for a petticoat.


**This is a made to order dress; please allow 3-5 weeks for the item to be made and shipped to you.**

MADE TO ORDER: Cat Cafe Skirt


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