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Elementalist Kickstarter Update: Sample Photo

Updated: May 3

The pins are almost all finished! This is a sample photo provided to me by my manufacturer and they look amazing! They always surprise me with how much of the little details they are able to recreate on the pins. The last one they are working on is the Druid pin which is why it is not on here. But it's almost there!

There are two designs that did catch my attention which is the Shadow Mage. The gray I chose ended up being a bit too light so I am having them make more but in darker gray. I'm having them use the darker gray that is on the mask for the body and a different darker gray for the mask itself.

The other design that caught my attention is the Shiny version of the Elementalist. My original pantone had more creamy tone to the body portion and more of a brownish-gray to the coat. In this photo it looks monochrome (which honestly look pretty cool in my opinion haha). But it could just be the photo so I have asked for a close up photo so I am waiting on that.

But overall I am super happy with how these have turned out! And can't wait to have them on hand and start shipping them!


The Hydro Mage head is being corrected and will have the correct dark blue color.

Thank you for checking the update and have a wonderful day! <3