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Elementalist Kickstarter Update: Pins arrived!

The pins have arrived! 150lb worth of pins to be exact! lol! As mentioned in my previous message on Kickstarter/email The Hydro Mage (regular) and both variants of Shadow Mage are still being worked on. The ones you see here are not the updated version but I just wanted to show them to you still. Because the manufacture did an AMAZING job with the details!

Here are more photos of the Elementalists:

Here are the potion bottles:


And the other pins!

I am super happy with how the pins turned out! I know I have said this a million times but please do make sure your shipping address is up to date because they will be locked soon in preparation of shipment. And a quick reminder any balance left from add on through Backerkit will be charged on Monday. I will be spending the weekend going through all the pins and checking their quality. Shipment will be starting next week for those who have not backed for Regular Hydro Mage or the Shadow Mage both versions. They will be shipping to me soon!

Alright, time for me to go through them all <3

Have a lovely weekend!




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