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Elementalist Kickstarter Update: Fixed Hydro Mage and Shadow Mage

The fixed Hydro Mage and Shadow Mage pins are here! yay! And they look much better. There is one thing I do need to mention about the updated Shadow Mage. Although I personally think they look amazing, I still want to point it out and let everyone know. Originally the Shadow Mage had two different colors for the outer robe and the inner robe. The new updated version "visually" look like it has single color . I say "visually" because the pantone itself are two different colors but to the naked eye it looks the same. You can check out the photo below for comparison of the updated colors ( one on the left) with the first batch that was too light (one on the right).

I personally love the all dark robe. I feel like it looks more complete and well balanced compared to my first one. Am I going to request another color change to my manufacturer to try to add a lighter gray? I don't think it's necessary and I prefer not to because I feel like it would either be too subtle to notice any difference or it might be too close to the gray of the face and the mask is going to just blend in. So I would like to keep this as is unless majority of backers who pledged for the Shadow Mage absolutely don't like how this look. But if the majority are happy with it then I will move forward with packing the rest of the rewards starting this weekend.

And now that I covered the Shadow Mage update here is a photo of the corrected head color of the Hydro Mage! So cute!

Photo of all three together, including the Shiny variant of the Shadow Mage.

And lastly, unless there are any other issues this will be the last blog update since I won't have any other photos to post here. So any future remaining updates like "hey all rewards are shipped!" will be through Kickstarter (email for UK Backers). Thank you for reading this update! Have a lovely rest of the week <3



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